A race that is uncommon, but known.

Shifters are fierce hunters strongly influenced by their animal nature. Though they can’t fully change shape as their lycanthrope ancestors can, shifters do become more bestial during the heat of battle, calling on the primal power of the beast within.

PHYSICAL QUALITIES In broad strokes, shifters resemble humans with animalistic features. Their bodies are lithe and strong, and they often move in a crouched posture, springing and leaping along the ground. Their faces have a bestial cast, with wide, flat noses, large eyes and heavy eyebrows, pointed ears, and long sideburns. The hair of their heads is thick and worn long. Shifter skin and hair are usually some shade of brown. Longtooth shifters claim werewolves as ancestors and have a vaguely canine cast to their features that becomes much more pronounced when they use their longtooth shifting power. Razorclaw shifters are descended from weretigers and are more catlike, particularly when using razorclaw shifting. Shifters live about as long as humans.

Longtooth Shifters refer to themselves as the race “Wolfen”, and sharpclaw shifters are known as “Caracal”. The two Shifter types each consider themselves to be wholly unique from the other, and tribes are almost universally made of only one type.


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