The Chicken

The inn and brewery which is practically the heartbeat of Sarra. Owned and operated by four generations of a goblin family, currently K’kirin (family name unknown). The establishment does not actually have an official name; just a distinctive rooster weathervane atop the steep-sloped roof.

The Chicken is most famous for its Eight League Ale. Some say folks will travel that far to get it. Some say that’s how far you have to go to walk it off.

The barfront is run by Yesper, an old Wolfen shifter. He is unfriendly and rarely speaks. Mary Pines is the housemistress, a matronly human, and she is much more approachable. She makes arrangements for guests to stay, and keeps things tidy and in general order.

The Chicken is the social hub of Sorrow City, and attracts a very diverse customer base. After the war, it was the only building in the city which was unscathed. Most residents consider it to be a sort of symbol of hope.

Jak, Arak, River, and Chronosophos were once employed as bouncers for the popular establishment before being recruited by The League.

The Chicken

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