Segozn is the goblin mentioned in the note and appears to be the leader of the goblin/kobold troup taking humans (and what appears to be goblins as well!) behind the black door underneath the castle. What specifically is going on has truly yet to be discovered, but he is purported to be doing some rather dark arts.

According to Ech, Segozn was formerly a good leader but has taken a dark turn after the arrival of a figure Ech describes only as the Dark Wizard. Segozn is also described as having a facial tattoo and a severed ear.

Segozn’s involvement in the story, outside of the note, was originally revealed by Ech. After Jak discovered and River interrogated the goblin, Ech revealed that nobody who ever went beyond the black doors ever returned from them with the exception of Segozn himself, and even then that was an almost rarity. Segozn seems to leave his chambers once every five days to a week, and almost always to bring more prisoners down into summoning gods-know-what. Balgran has been assisting him with the capture of said people.

Segozn lives in the tunnels underneath the dilapidated castle that can be arrived at by taking the portal from “Balgran’s cave” south and slightly east of Sorrow City. His room, from Ech’s descriptions, is entirely creepy and possibly full of all things occult, which serves to keep the morbidly curious away. He keeps a secret passage into his room, though it’s unknown if that’s the passage he uses to go to his chambers or not.

Upon a brief inspection of Segozn’s ‘room’, accessed from the hidden passage, his living quarters appears to be nothing more than the corner of the barracks, separated only by a thick tapestry. The simplicity and proximity of his quarters may indicate a desire to be among his troops, rather than lording his command over them.

Also found in quarters was a table on which was found items related to the worship of Orcus.


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