Mysterious Note no 1

Discovered slightly tucked away in the hay sleeping area of a small group of Kobolds, this note was found in the hidden cave behind the waterfall that runs through the ruined tower. It is addressed to ‘Balgran’ and signed, simply with an ornate “K”. The text is as follows:

Balgran- have the Kobolds continue to harass the South road. Keep Sarra’s eyes on you.
My rituals will soon demand components. Capture a few travelers and send them through the gate to Segozn so that our progress may not be hindered.
Once the rift has been opened , Lord Orcus will well-reward your service.
The hour is near. Do not fail me.


Unknown references in this note include the following:

Rituals – apparently being currently performed by “K”, but which will soon become more demanding to perform.
Components – apparently needed to perform said rituals, in what manner cannot be deduced. The note may imply that the traveler’s may be used as, or perhaps be useful in obtaining/have, said components.
Rift – the rift seems to refer to something other than the aforementioned gate as opening it seems to be the immediate purpose for sending the traveler’s through the gate—perhaps also the purpose of the aforementioned rituals. In what this rift will potentially exist is yet unknown.
the hour – this seems to refer to when “the rift” will be opened. It is unclear whether the rift itself being opened is the significance of this hour, or whether what the opening of the rift may enable is what will make it significant. This, however, seems to be the immediate goal of “Lord Orcas” and the end to which he has employed the help of “K”, “Belgran”, and the Kobolds. Also it sounds like it will suck pretty bad if it happens.
K – The apparent author of the note. Due to it’s short length and crudeness, it is not likely that it was dictated by “K” to a scribe, but, in fact, penned by his own hand. Possibly the Dark Wizard mentioned by Ech.

Mysterious Note no 1

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