Harner Goss

Human found as the lone prisoner in the jail beneath the Ancient Keep.

With the assumption that a prisoner of our enemy might be an ally, our party has released him from his cell. He has told us that he was being kept prisoner due to his knowledge of archeology, though he is reluctant to give any further details and seems to be keeping something from us.

Apparently misinterpreting Jak’s assertion that we raided the jail specifically to find him, he became immediately concerned and agitated, demanding that we tell him who sent us, despite the fact that he is unwilling to depart with information himself.

Jak trusts this man about as far as he can throw him, which is an act he has considered. He fears that the assumption that he is an ally may be a false and potentially dangerous one.

Upon further conversation and having discovered that we possessed Balgran’s amulet, his attitude changed significantly. He explained how he relic hunter that camed to Tresstale (the apparent name of the keep) searching for valuables and how he was the one who originally found the amulet, calling it “Vade Mecium”. The Dark Wizard him and took the amulet from him, locking him away in the prison cell.

After examining the Vade Mecium, he willingly and immediately gave it back to River, suggesting that he is not dangerously obsessed with it.

He also named the portal passages as Locus Paths.

He gave further information regarding the captured caravan party. The quartermaster is a Deva named Uoto and the horsemaster is a human named Kesh Tamsey. They had been taken the day prior.

Harner knows Goblin.

Harner has agreed to look after the injured Ech while we continued to seek after the caravan crew. He took a particular interest in Ech’s bottle, identifying it as Goblin Wine.

He also mentioned that he was interested in the amulet itself and not necessarily the gold that it is surely worth, though he was interested in being reimbursed for it, being he was the one who discovered it in the first place, after it was made clear that we would be handing the amulet over to the League.

Harner Goss

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