Ech is runt of a goblin, small even by goblin standards, found sleeping behind a pile of crates in what appeared to be a storage closet next to the barracks/detention area beneath the Ancient Keep.

He was found clutching a large bottle as though his life depended on it.

Due to River’s diplomacy and a little bit of bribery, Ech has become a valuable ally in this more than hostel place. He seems to want no part in whatever is happening below the keep and has given our party much information regarding the layout of keep and has answered many questions regarding Segozn, Balgran, and someone referred to as the Dark Wizard, though many questions remain.

While he seems to be on our side for the most part, providing us with a safe haven to rest behind a secret door and cleverly disposing of the goblin bodies we had left behind and even wanting to wear the red band of the league, we get the feeling he is still holding back some valuable information.

He made mention of a “bad door” through which it seems the members of the caravan crew had been taken, from which they have not returned and from what Ech has said, unlikely to do so.

Ech also eluded to a treasure dig site where we might find, among other things, some explosives that may go along way in taking out what remains of the Goblin soldiers in the barracks.

He also mentioned another human prisoner in the jail, apparently its soul occupant, who has been there for some time.

Ech also has mentioned his “friend”, Drosah, though he is hesitant to go into detail and is very sensitive at the mention of his name.


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