Ancient Keep

At the end of a long path leading north from the portal pavilion, boarded on one side by gravestones set at regular intervals like some morbid decoration, sits a dark keep on the verge of collapse.

Evidence cobbled together from what little is left on the face of the gravestones suggests it may be the castle mentioned in the legend of Sir Keegan, known for brutally slaying all of the castle’s inhabitants.

Given the advanced state of decay, holes in the exterior wall provide various points of access, though doing so comes with it the risk of falling stone and debris. How this structure stands to this day is a mystery and can only be attributed to the fact that the land surrounding it if completely devoid of anything that would disturb it… no birds to nest its crags, no ivy to creep into is crevasses, not even a wind to whistle through its expanse. Nothing to disturb its ominous form but time.

One notable exception is the stream of footprints that lead from the pavilion to the keep.

From the closest entrance from the path, a large room opens up. On the north side of this room, a staircase leads down to the south.

Beneath the keep, our party discovered a series of rooms in much better condition than the structure above, including a jail, barracks, and a room that has become a dig site.

Ech indicated that the Keep was located a few days north of Sarra, possibly in the area known as the Raglands.

Ancient Keep

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