Almost all races have developed some variation of traditional distilling. A notable exeption is the Goliath (half-giant) peoples, who traditionally do not imbibe alcohol.

Known alcohol

Ales, beers, malt beverages

Eight-League Ale
-The house specialty at The Chicken. Brewed by K’kirin the goblin.
cost: 2c/pint

Steeltoe Stout
-Dwarven dark beer brewed in Dire Falls.
cost: 3c/pint


-This goblin wine is made from a highly poisonous and rare flower of the Arroka plant found only at high elevations, and while the wine itself is safe to drink, it is simple to transform it back into liquid death. The flower is placed in the bottle by the brewer to show that the bottle hasn’t been opened and that the wine is therefore still safe.
cost: Due to the rarity and mystique involved, Goblin wine fetches a great price on the market and is particularly valued among Goblins.


Madhouse Brandy
-One of the “black shelf” libations at The Chicken. Brewed by K’kirin.
cost: 1g/glass


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