League of the Western Fall

First steps
Welcome to Fallen Lavranor

You will begin in Sarra, commonly referred to as “Sorrow City”. Before the war, Sarra was a mid-sized trading hub that functioned as the gateway to the Aren Ocean westward. Over the course of ten years, Sarra was occupied as a strategic location by both armies alternatingly. Very few of the original buildings survive intact, and any original residents are in roughly the same condition.
The hub of Sorrow City is the only building unscarred by either side during occupation: the tavern. It has no official name, but the distinctive weathervane atop the roof’s steep-sloped peak made people refer to the business as “The Chicken”. The Chicken has been operated by four successive generations of a goblin family, and is a famous watering hole. Determined travelers still make the pilgrimage to obtain “Eight League Ale”, and occasionally a brave Goliath shepherd from the south will try something from the legendary Black Shelf – K’kirin’s privately brewed specialties. The goblin owner, while reclusive, also stocks a variety of more common libations, much appreciated by those who haven’t the fortitude to drink Madhouse Brandy or K’kirin’s other staggering family recipes.
Sarra is protected by a guild known as the League of the Western Fall. They operate out of a private guildhall and are controlled by Sarra’s Champion: a cunning dwarf named Wister Lodestone. He lost his hand during the war and had it replaced with an iron pint-mug. Every day cart-mules deliver the guild’s supply of ale from The Chicken, the price of protecting Sorrow City.
Sarra sits in the fork of the river Lena. To the east along the waterway is Aph Orum – “Bridge”. The river curls north, and departs from the only established trade route, east to the Mirror Sea and to Lavranor Grandis. The old center of imperial industry is now known simply as Rothport. South from Sarra is Rosa Pendula, now called Dire Falls. Any further south is into the territory of warring barons and snowy mountains. To the north along the coast are the raglands, ancient poisoned battlefields where nothing can grow. Just beyond is Ballota Nevra. “Bad News”.
If the Greater Lena is followed to the northeast towards its mouth, a fool will wander into Varaii.


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