Shifter Cleric of the Goddess Avandra


At 5’11”, River vaguely resembles a middle-aged human man with obvious and notable exceptions. His skin is bronzed except for a darker cast about his yellow eyes. He has thick, brown hair and long, shaggy sideburns down the sides of his face, slightly covering large, pointed ears. His build if rather muscular and large for his race. He carries a mace and a crossbow with him, neither of which seem immediately special. More often than not, he’s prone to wear hide armor, though if the circumstances call for him to be civil, he is able to pull off a somewhat more refined appearance.


River is an individual whose personality can shift from that of a slow, steady stream to a gushing torrent in the blink of an eye. Around strangers and newcomers, he can seem somewhat aloof, cautious, or distant; however, he is prone to giving everyone a fair—albeit scrutinizing—chance to prove his or her worth. Those that pass his tests will find River to be affable and trusting, generally honest about himself and passionate about his goals. Those that fail will be shunned away or be shown dispassionate politeness at best… or facing the wrath of wild, primal aggression at worst. However, those that know him best say that his loyalty to his comrades is one of his strongest qualities.


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