Jak "the Yak"

Minotaur Earth Warden


At 7’ 3”, Jak is a medium sized Minotaur with reddish black fur and black horns and hooves. He is covered with tan hide armor and carries a long spear, which appear to be simply crafted, bordering on primative, but upon closer inspection, you notice intricate patterns in the details that suggest finer craftsmanship.


Despite his initial protests, Jak is often referred to by those familiar with him as Jak “the Yak”. Physical accuracy aside, the nickname ironically refers to the fact that Jak is a creature of few words. One notable exception would be in the company of a Dwarf. Jak will use any opportunity to strike up a conversation with a Dwarf. While Jak does appear to know the Dwarvish language, conversation seems difficult. With a deep respect for the natural world, Jak would be just as comfortable sleeping under a tree as under a roof… if not more so. Jak often seems out of place with the civilized world around him, unfamiliar with many aspects of common society that most take for granted. While Jak is a simple creature, generally friendly and peaceful, there is a sober discipline about him that makes him difficult to provoke, though occasionally, if closely observed, you might catch a brief glimpse of something smoldering beneath the surface. Inquiries regarding his past usually mean the end of the conversation. The appearance of another Minotaur usually means that is the last you will be seeing of Jak for the evening.

Jak Character Summary

Jak "the Yak"

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