League of the Western Fall

When Push Comes To Shove

keeping our head above water

After a long rest, if one could call it that, our party set out once again to complete our mission. From the uneasy looks on each other’s faces, it was obvious that our time in this dark place was taking its toll. Crow thinks he heard the voices of children running through the halls while we slept. Jak seemed on edge and eager to get moving.

So we started out and came to a set of double doors. On these door, the words:


were written in painstaking relief onto the door’s surface.

Without another option, we cautiously opened the great doors, revealing a great expense of darkness into which Jak’s illuminated spear tip did not make a dent.

Having no desire to enter such a room blindly, Crow illuminated a copper coin from our treasury and used his mystical powers to levitate the glowing coin deep into the room, partially revealing its contents, include a colossal statue in the center of the room depicting an armor clad human and two dragon statues, each placed in the two nearest corners of the room. The far end of the chamber remained in darkness.

Approaching one of the dragon statues, Crow was able to read lettering on its base, from which he gathered that those were no mere ornamentation, but had magical properties designed to defend the room from intruders. We proceeded slowly, trying to put as much distance between ourselves and the various statues as possible. Unfortunately, the room was designed to thwart even the most cautious of intruders and Jak’s footsteps once again set a trap into motion.

As the two doors slammed shut, the center statue began to move, swinging its forbiddingly massive sword toward where we stood. Instinctively, our party moved back, attempting to get out of the sword’s range, only to be discover the buffeting force emanating from the dragons, clearly designed to push the room’s occupants into the path of the sword.

Jak immediately pulled out a sunrod in an attempt to discover an escape. With the other end of the room illuminated, Arak made a break for the other end of the room, finding a small area with stairs leading down, then similarly leading backup, surrounded on four corners by pillaresque statues of maidens holding large pots above their heads. As he got to the bottom of the descending stairs, another trap was strung, causing stairs to flatten into a smooth ramp and the pots began pouring water into the sunken area, causing it to quickly fill.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party found themselves knocked to their feet by the dragons and pushed into the range of the statue. Jak starred in amazement as Crow somehow shuffled himself out of harm’s way at a speed one would not think possible while resting on one’s backside. River stood up and made a break for the base of the armored statue, see that if he got up onto its base, the sword may not be able to reach him. He was not successful.

Jak, seeing River’s logic made the same attempt and was successful in climbing up onto the narrow edge at the statue’s base, helping River up on his next attempt.

They both scrambled around to the other side of the statue to find Arak and Crow up to their waists in rising water, preferring to get a little wet than be in range of the mighty statue’s swords. But as the water began to move, it became apparent that the traps was designed to do more that give its occupants a bath.

Seeing the danger his comrades now faced, River grabbed his rope from his pack and tossed it into the pool, hoping this friend’s could pull themselves to safety. Jak attempted to tie the other end of the rope to the statue, with questionable results. Unfortunatley by now, the water had become a vortex, smashing its Arak and Crow against the stonework around them, making something as simple as grabbing a rope an extremely difficult task.

Eventually, Crow was able to get hold of the rope and Arak was able to get hold of Crow that they could now focus the pots. River and Jak also began targeting the pots and soon all four were shattered. The water then disappeared as if it had never existed.

The keep we found ourselves in had now become just as dangerous as the enemies within it.



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