League of the Western Fall

The Poison and the Flower

We spoke with Harner before heading down into the dungeon to face a barracksful of goblins. Harner kindly informed us that our amulet was one of the Vade Mecium, a rare key that allows travel between the Locuses. We also learned that there are no fixed paths between the Locuses, but that the path is determined by the Vade Mecium. Not having any additional Vade Meciuae handy, this information was not of immediate value. Future possibilities abound, however.

As we headed down toward certain gloom, we discussed our strategy for dealing with the goblins we expected to find. Judging that the dungeon was particularly effective at absorbing sound, we decided that apart from an alarm or a loud noise, anyone in the dungeon would have difficulty hearing what was going on any distance away. Great stealth would not be necessary during this encounter.

We went down to the entrance of the antechamber of barracks, taking the precaution of preparing attacks for any foes that might appear when we opened the door. Chronosophos lent us a helping Mage Hand to open the door. The doorway remained empty, so we invited ourselves through to see what was inside.

Inside we saw a table with a handbell set on top. Around it were a pair of goblins who looked as though they might have been expecting a different species. Chronosophos again used his most handy of spells to steal the bell before the goblins had a chance to ring it, and thus our battle started.

We battled many goblins in several different rooms and came out with bruised ribs and high spirits. Our spirits diminished a bit when our good goblin friend Ech was thrown through a doorway with a rather severe axe wound in his back. Those of our party with any skill in healing did their best to stabilize him. The rest of us went after Segozn, who had inflicted the damage and seemed ready to do more.

Segozn eventually fell, much to our joy, and turned out to be carrying quite a bit of money. We took whatever we could and went to see how Etch was holding up. The prognosis wasn’t good but we did our best to make him comfortable. Since he clearly wasn’t going anywhere, we let him keep his bottle. He asked for Arak and told him was that the dark wizard lay through the black door, emphasizing that light fails in the dark. Shortly afterward his own light failed. We sadly took the bottle that he had been so careful to guard. It was not a happy victory.

On the surface in an interaction of surpassing diplomatic prowess, we learned from Harner that the bottle contained rare goblin wine which would sell for a great price in the market. The wine is made from a highly poisonous and rare flower native to the region of Jak’s village, and while the wine itself is safe to drink, it is simple to transform it back into liquid death. The flower is placed in the bottle by the brewer to show that the bottle hasn’t been opened and that the wine is therefore still safe.

It’s this melancholy air that surrounds us as we prepare to make our way through the black door and into the lower levels where the light is said to fail.



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