League of the Western Fall

Signing Up with the League

Heroes or Fools?

After a series of rough nights bouncing at The Chicken involving a couple half-giants and other assorted scumbags, the four of us, Jak, Arak, River, and Chronosophos, were enjoying a relatively peaceful end to an evening waiting for the doors to close for the night.

A mysterious Elven woman entered The Chicken. Without introduction, she abruptly informs us that our talents for dealing with strong opposition had not gone unnoticed and that our presence was required at the League Hall, home of the League of the Western Fall, and that none other than Wister Lodestone himself was awaiting our arrival. It was not stated as a request.

With that, she turned and walked out the door.

Not to turn down such an opportunity, we followed her to the League Hall, where we indeed meet with Lodestone. He informs us that a caravan transporting valuable cargo, including a large volume of pricey alcohol, has been raided, as reported by the Gnome caravan master, Arvis, who had survived the attack. Two members of the caravan, the horsemaster and quartermaster, had been captured by the Kobold raiders. Arvis, who followed the Kobolds to their camp, has provided a map describing its location, somewhere southeast of Sarra.

We were given the task of rescuing the members of the caravan and retrieving the missing cargo, all in the name of the League and promised payment of 100 gold pieces upon successful return. Having signed contracts stating our agreement to uphold the standards of the League, we received arm bands signifying our affiliation with the League for the duration of the mission.

With a brief stop back at The Chicken, where arrangements had already been made with the proprietor to cover our sudden departure, we gathered our equipment and began our quest. We took the ferry across the river, free of charge due to our new affiliation with The League, and headed down the South Road.

Traveling through the night, we found evidence of possible Kobold activity along the road. Farther down the road, our suspicions were confirmed as we were ambushed by a band of Kobold raiders.

While Kobolds are nasty creatures, they generally do not put up much of a fight, preferring to cut and run when faced with the sort of threat our party represented. These creatures attacked without hesitation, appearing far more determined to fight than we would have expected and also appeared to be noticeably better equipped than the ragged Kobold of common reputation.

One by one, the Kobolds fell, though it seems as soon as one went down, another would take its place. But eventually, only one remained, who then tried to make a run for it towards the Black Hills.

He didn’t get far. We searched the Kobold bodies and came up with 37 silver pieces, which we decided to give to River as our party’s treasurer.

Given that our directions indicated that we needed to head east soon anyway, we decided to follow the direction the Kobold had taken with the assumption that we may find the source of the Kobold raiders and thus the missing captives and cargo.

While we defeated our foes this time, we get the feeling that our victory had been unsettlingly easy. Was our decision to take this mission be one of bravery or naivety? With the suspicion that much harder times lay ahead, we left the South Road and into the forests of the Black Hills.


The specific name of the pricey alcoholic beverage escapes me. Anyone remember it?

Signing Up with the League

I believe it was Steeltoe Stout, possibly Five League Lager.

Signing Up with the League


Signing Up with the League

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