This website will serve as a central database for campaign information. As the GM, I’ll get it up and running with basic facts, but I expect you, the players, to add and edit wiki content. This should prove a useful tool in surviving in Fallen Lavranor. Please familiarize yourselves with the basics of wiki editing on the Wiki page, and browse the content I’ve created to get a feel for the process.


Sir Keegan
Ancient Keep

By most accounts it was the northerners who attacked first, wanting independence from Lavranor’s impotent ruling class. This would be some forty years ago. The country had been on the decline for decades through a series of royal heirs bickering over the reins of a fading empire. The north claimed secession, rallying to the white flags of Varaii, Lavranor’s spiritual center. The southernmost ducheys opportunistically pounced on each other in a grab for power while the crown’s eye was turned towards reunification. Ten long and bloody years of war followed. The Imperial Army, scattered and stressed beyond the endurance of forced conscripts, disbanded from lack of leadership. With the south a tattered patchwork of petty warlords and the north reaches under the unassailable control of Varaii’s Paladin-generals, the Imperial City of Iva Anastasica was obliterated and every royal was executed on The Last Day. Lavranor’s final king, Magne Dorio XI, ruled for less than twelve hours.
There is no more centralized government in Fallen Lavranor. The thirty years since the War of Liberty have been hard. The few cities that remain standing operate under the protection of hired Champions and their mercenary soldiers. The lures of commerce have stirred the braver merchants into loose trade alliances, but no road is “safe”. Every step beyond guarded walls is one taken towards danger. Bandits, foul creatures, and tribes of bloodthirsty warriors prowl the lands in search of the weak and the unprepared. And beyond all is the uneasy quiet of the north, the shining spears and white flags and merciless fury of Varaii.

League of the Western Fall

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